Last week, I had the please to speak to The Association for Women in Communications – Des Moines Chapter about how to create a winning LinkedIn profile and then how to use it to execute their marketing goals. What a great bunch of ladies!



As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, The Meyvn Group‘s Business Book Club is up and running again!

Our most recent read was, “A Framework for Understanding Poverty; A Cognitive Approach” by Ruby Payne, PhD.

What this book is about

Winner of the Association of American Publishers’ (AAP) 2014 REVERE Golden Lamp Award for Professional Development! When viewed through an economic lens, poverty can be defined as an absence of resources. Since 1995, Framework’s basic premise is that the middle-class understandings of those who work with children and adults in poverty are often ill-suited for connecting with and helping people build up resources and rise out of poverty. Now, 18 years and 1.5 million copies later, Framework: A Cognitive Approach has been revised, updated and expanded. The 5th edition features an enhanced chapter on instruction and achievement; greater emphasis on the thinking, community, and learning patterns involved in breaking out of poverty; plentiful citations, new case studies, and data: more details findings about interventions, resources, and causes of poverty, and a review of the outlook for people in poverty and those who work with them.


A Reflection on 5 Years as a Free Agent

I gotta say, life is good…I officially filed my business incorporation documents with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office on November 19th. I’ll never forget that day; it was cold and rainy and I couldn’t believe how easy it was (legally-speaking) to start a business…

The past 5 years have certainly brought its ups and downs. I certainly wouldn’t change a thing, though. My boss is great!

Year 1 goal was to earn a living and convince my husband that this could actually work! Done

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Facebook Fan Page Best Practices

  • Have an awesome timeline cover photo and change it out often
  • Use a square version of your logo as your profile photo
  • Complete your profile – completely Take full advantage of the various parts of your Facebook profile that can help get your page noticed, liked when found, and promoted (for free) through “similar” search results.

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Blogging Best Practices

The key is to stay creative and think like your users. What kind of information would they like to see? What kind of information would help them use your products more effectively, or would make their lives easier? What would entertain them?

  • Grab the readers’ attention immediately – Start your post off with something provocative that will make your audience want to read and learn more. Time is limited, so start off your post strong.
  • Breakup your text with bullets and numbered lists – Everyone loves a list. If there is a way to organize your post with bullets and numbers, do it! This makes it easier for readers to skim over your post and get a general idea of what the blog is about before they decide if they want to read it in full.

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Starting in January, 2016, my regularly scheduled office hours at Smokey Row will be revamped:

Second Tuesday of the month – stays the same. I’ll be at Smokey Row (1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines) from 9am – 11am to answer your questions about social media, starting your own business, networking, marketing, etc…FOR FREE!

Fourth Tuesday of the month – Google Hangout. In an attempt to reach those individuals who just can’t seem to get away from the office to meet, they can join a Google Hangout to get their questions answered. At 8:55am, I’ll share the video link to the Google Hangout via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Simply click the link if you’d like to join the Google Hangout.

Hope to see you all soon!



A few weeks ago I had the distinct honor of speaking to Waukee High School’s APEX program participants about how to use LinkedIn. This group of students is so inspiring! They never cease to surprise me with their sense of professionalism. I’m always reflecting on whether or not I was this well put together at their age!


Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience: APEX

Through a collaboration of education, business and the community, Waukee APEX develops highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders. Waukee APEX draws on the expertise of business partners to bring real world application into the comprehensive high school experience. Through inquiry-based learning and authentic projects and experiences, students add value to business partners while exploring passions and career possibilities identified by economic trends within our metro area and state.

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