Working “on” the Business vs. Working “in” the Business

by "Get it Done Girl" on February 1, 2010 · 0 comments

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As a new business owner with newly acquired clients, I’ve begun thinking about time management.  How much time does a businessowner spend working “on” the business (marketing, branding, meeting with clients, drafting proposals, other meetings, networking) versus working “in” the business (doing the actual work you’ve contracted with a client to perform).

Before I started Contemporary Business Solutions, I was comfortably busy. As a job seeker/blogger, I kept busy looking for a job, attending networking events, career workshops and maintaining my website. I continue to work part-time for the Iowa United Nations Association and am involved in a German Club which I started last year. Then I started my own business. That’s when life got interesting.

After I got the creation of the business out of the way, I was spending 100% of my time working “on” the business.  Mostly marketing, then meeting with prospects and drafting proposals. Of course there is a lot of networking mixed in there as well. Once I landed a client, things changed.

I’ve got to do the work I’ve been contracted to do, but I also have to keep that pipeline filled with prospects. I’m at the point of trying to find this balance while also maintaining all the activities I was engaged in before I started my business because they continue to be important to me.

Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur? How are you finding the balance between these two worlds?

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