On the Similarities Between Job Interviewing and Prospect Meeting

by "Get it Done Girl" on March 10, 2010 · 0 comments

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When I started Contemporary Business Solutions in November 2009, I knew that I would be using the skills I had acquired while interviewing for jobs in the client-building process. It only recently dawned on me how vast the similarities really are. (Nod to Jeff Garrison and Sales Habitudes)

1. The preparation for both encounters

  • Research the Company
  • Learn everything I can about the person(s) conducting the interview on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the Internet in general.
  • Identify their need(s) and have solutions prepared if called upon to provide them

2. Follow-up

  • Before leaving the meeting, have a clearly defined method for following-up
  • Make sure both parties understand the next step
  • In both job interviews and prospect meetings, it is STILL difficult to get a yes or no response (Did I get the job? Are they going to sign my proposal?)
  • In both situations, the timeline for follow-up on their end is rarely adhered to, so I have to initiate contact
  • There is a bit more flexibility with a prospective client relationship than there is with a potential employer in terms of communication

3. The dreaded $$$ question

  • The first person who said an amount “loses”
  • In the prospect meeting, I will ask if they have a budget range in mind; in the job interview, if the interviewer brings up salary, I will also ask them if they haveĀ  a range in mind

Have any of you made the transition from job-hunting to being a Free Agent? What similarities do you see between the two?

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