What your Twitter Account Stats Really Say

by "Get it Done Girl" on April 12, 2010 · 0 comments

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Many people brag about how many Twitter Followers they have. The more Followers you have, the better, right? I say – WRONG! The same goes for those you are Following.

I manage a few Twitter accounts and every month I use Manage Twitter to “unfollow” Twitter Followers who haven’t posted an update in over a month. To me, this is an indication that they aren’t using Twitter anymore. If they’re not engaging with the community, I don’t want to have them be part of my statistics. This allows me to follow additional people without disrupting my Followers/Following ratio too much.

There has been some talk among the Twitter community regarding how many people you can “really” follow. If I’m following over 1000 people, am I really reading their status updates and engaging them? Most people who have a large number of people they are following rely on Twitter Lists or Lists within TweetDeck to manage the conversations. In this instance, they aren’t listening to all of the people they are following. It’s just not possible. At what point do you stop following people so you can actually nurture those relationships?

The one stat that I LOVE to see go up is the “Listed” number. The more lists my accounts are on, the more value the Followers place on the content that I’m putting out there. This statistic means the most to me and the accounts I manage.

How do you view your Twitter stats?

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