I almost fell off the Blogwagon!

by "Get it Done Girl" on April 30, 2010 · 2 comments

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When I started this blog for my business, my goal was to write one original post a week (inspired by The Brand Chef who has written, on average, one post/week for around 7 years) and then possibly graduate to two over time and then possibly three. I’m finally sitting down to write my weekly post and it’s “after hours” on a Friday night! How did this happen?

I have a reminder set up in Outlook to pop up on Sundays which gets me thinking about writing my post for the week. I don’t “dismiss” the reminder until it’s done. For some reason, this week, there were other things that needed to get done before blogging. This is a clear message that I need to SCHEDULE an hour each week to blog because it is THAT IMPORTANT.

Not only is blogging improving my page ranking, it is also shows my readers who I am, what I care about and how I can help.

To make blogging easier on me, I’m going to implement what I tell my clients to do:

  • Keep a running list of blog post topic ideas so when you sit down to write, you’re not spending half the time trying to figure out what to write about! That wouldn’t be a good use of time!
  • Create an editorial calendar so your posts coincide with promotions, workshops and holidays
  • Write in the same place during the same time each week. If you’re having a cup of tea while you blog, do that consistently too. It will get you into the Habit.

How do you set the tone for blogging? Do you write when the mood strikes or are you more of a need-to-schedule-it type of person?

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Andrew B. Clark May 1, 2010 at 7:52 am

Remember, also, that creating a regimen for posts feeds your creative and keeps your mind sharp. Like you, I make lists and keep ideas rolling in a notebook all week long so when it comes to Wednesday night or Thursday morning, voila! I have a sharp mind for creating and adding value for those that read my blog.

Welcome back on the wagon, Suzanne. And thanks for the hat tip. 🙂

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

admin May 1, 2010 at 7:55 am

That’s true – sometimes we get caught up getting the work done and forget that we need to take time to nurture our creative abilities so we have better developed tools in our toolbox to offer our clients.

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