Is Your Blog Post Consumable?

by "Get it Done Girl" on September 2, 2010 · 0 comments

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When you’re cooking something for dinner, you can definitely tell when you’ve forgotten to season it; whatever it is you’ve prepared, if it’s not tasting good, you’re not going to eat it. So, why do you ask your blog audience to read posts which you haven’t spiced up at all?

I’ve been using the word “consumable” quite a bit lately as it relates to blog posts written by the clients I’m coaching. As they write, I impress upon them the importance of making what they’re writing “taste good” so it can be easily digested.

Here are some of the characteristics of an “under-seasoned” blog post:

  • It consists of one block of text – not good for the reader with wandering eyes…
  • It’s 1000 words long and the author still hasn’t gotten to the point
  • There’s no image to help me remember what the author wrote about – I’m a visual person – help me out…
  • There’s language used which I don’t fully understand and the author hasn’t linked out to a resource to help me learn more

How do you spice up your blog posts to make them “consumable”?

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