Who do I turn to?

by "Get it Done Girl" on February 28, 2011 · 1 comment

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This post is inspired by a post written by Mark True, Brand Warrior, entitled, “Don’t Buy Local if Local Sucks“. And I couldn’t agree more.

I live in Pleasant Hill it’s extremely convenient for me to get my oil changed at Wal-Mart in Altoona. Even though it’s convenient, all they do is change the oil. They don’t look at the tires and let me know that I’m due for a new set in the coming months; or that I have a tail light out. I know these are things that I can see for myself, but I just don’t. It’s an added benefit that I enjoy receiving when I take my car in to be serviced.

Growing weary of Wal-Mart’s tunnel vision, I sought out a local shop in Pleasant Hill – BUY LOCAL – right? They did take a look at the whole vehicle during the oil change. I even purchased a new front tire from them when I got a flat. The problem was that they put the wrong tire on my car which ended up damaging the front axle which they wouldn’t repair…so much for buying local.

So, needless to say, I got behind on the maintenance of my vehicle because I just didn’t know where to turn. Until I get my daily Groupon email. That day’s Groupon was for an oil change, tire rotation, wiper blades AND a 41-point courtesy safety inspection from Car-X. I thought to myself, “Why not…” Even though they’re a national chain with more than 175 locations, “buying local” wasn’t meeting my needs.

And, the NE 14th Street location has FREE WI-FI!!! I was in heaven this afternoon while I spent my Groupon. The staff was courteous, I got some work done, they told me my rear taillight needed a new bulb and replaced it for free…I’m sold…

Has there been a time where you received better service from a national chain versus a local establishment? Do you feel guilty spending your money at a big-box retailer versus the mom-and-pop shop around the corner?

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Anne March 5, 2011 at 1:22 pm

It is tricky, to be sure, Suzanne! Sometimes, what I’ve found is a local franchise owner who is able to treat me like he or she IS local. I’ve found that in Midas on E. University (having gone there from CarX on E. 14th where I indeed was treated well.) What I found was I was treated as well or better and it cost even less plus the convenience of an operation that is big enough to have hours convenient to me. Plus Dustin at Midas talks to me like I’m an adult and not an idiot.

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