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by "Get it Done Girl" on October 24, 2011 · 0 comments

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I’ve been receiving quite a few e-newsletters lately that have needed second glances before they go out the door. Images not rendering, alignment off, hyperlinks not working…

There are several ways MailChimp makes this proofing process easy for the user:

FREE to all users – On Step 3 of creating your campaign within the Campaign Builder, there is a blue button near the top of the screen that says, “popup preview”. Click on this button and your e-newsletter will pop open in a new window so you can see how your communication will appear in your web browser.

FREE to all users – On Step 5 of creating your campaign within the Campaign Builder, there is a “send a test” button at the bottom of the screen. You can send to 3 emails at a time and a maximum of 6 test emails per campaign. I like to send tests to people who use different email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail…) because the email will look differently across all of them.

MailChimp also offers the “Test With Delivery Doctor” feature which is available on all monthly and pay-as-you-go accounts. This feature tests your campaign with common spam filters and consumer ISPs letting you know which part of your campaign may cause delivery issues.

A feature that is free for monthly subscribers is “Test With Inbox Inspection”. This feature lets you see your campaign in your subscribers’ email clients to help you ensure it appears pixel perfect and avoids spam filters.

Whichever Plan you have with MailChimp, please take advantage of these testing features to ensure that your prospects/clients see the best you have to offer.

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