Do You Know About the Secret School of Business?

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Doug Mitchell and Mike Wagner have brought an amazing concept to Des Moines and have put it into practice!

Doug does a great job of describing what the Secret School of Business is:

The Secret School of Business (SSoB) is not a company nor a system nor an institution. SSoB is a movement. SSoB will be a tribe of active learners (not lurkers).  SSoB’ers feel in their gut that our educational system is broken. It’s not anyone’s fault – it’s that technology and our economy are moving at an order of magnitude faster than “the system.”  People are waking up to the fact that degrees cost 10′s of thousands of dollars and result in major debt. Advanced degrees can be even more expensive and don’t deliver advancement or salary increases. The skills required to compete and thrive today are NOT what is taught. SSoB addresses these facts head on and is doing something about it through user supported and user generated content.

How can you participate? Right now, classes meet usually on a Thursday and will start up again in the New Year. In the future, course materials will be delivered via the web, streaming, etc.

SSoB is a for-profit enterprise, but they’re in the discovery phase of this concept and aren’t sure what the business model will look like. Right now, they’re asking users/consumers of the content to offer a small, monthly donation. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision right now; come to a few classes for free to check it out and then decide.

The neat thing is that the school curriculum is generated by the students. Any student can propose a class or series offering to be reviewed. Right now, funds generated are going towards the facilities and any supplies the instructors need. As the SSoB grows, funds will be paid to instructors and content providers.

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