Book Review: Hundred Percenters

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As part of my continuing education as a Free Agent, I read at least six business books per year. Most recently, the Business Book Club read Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All, and They’ll Give You Even More by Mark Murphy.

From the back cover:

Right now, 77% of leaders believe their employees are not giving 100%. And they’re not far off in their assessment, because 72% of employees admit they’re not giving 100%. Plenty of people are doing fine work, getting by, and delivering products and services to customers. But disappointingly small minorities are coming in every day saying, “Let’s push the envelope, let’s be great, let’s do what nobody thought could be done.”

The truth is finally out: employees cannot be bribed or coddled into giving 100%. People become Hundred Percenters not because they had it easy, but because a leader cared enough to push them to new heights.

Hundred Percenters teaches new leadership practices to inspire employees to passionately give 100% every day. You will learn how to:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Deal swiftly with toxic employes
  • Eliminate demotivators
  • Focus employes on value-added work

This book was difficult to get through for me because I felt the author could have made his point with fewer words, but I stuck with it. This book was given a resounding “thumbs up” by the attendees of the Business Book Club. Some members mentioned that they had already implemented some of the tactics outlined with much success.

How are you inspiring those around you to be “Hundred Percenters”?

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