Book Review: Me 2.0 by Dan Schwabel

by "Get it Done Girl" on May 2, 2012 · 0 comments

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Now that the Meyvn Group’s Business Book Club is on its summer hiatus, I have the chance to read some of the business books I have laying around. I recently picked up Me 2.0 by Dan Schwabel.

Even though I read the October 2010 Revised edition, I felt that some of the points made were outdated. In his book, Dan Schwabel shows job seekers and professionals how to leverage the power of digital media to manage their personal brand. So you can see why the content can quickly become obsolete.

There’s no security in a job (and there hasn’t been for some time now). The only thing that differentiates you from your competition (which is everyone) is your personal brand (unless you want to become a comoditized widget which definitely won’t afford you any job security or a living wage). And now, in the age of Web 2.0, you are in a position to develop and manage your own online personal brand.

Me 2.0 gives you all the tools necessary to develop and manage your own personal brand online. It’s a great beginner’s guide to branding and social media that includes case studies and excerpts from Dan’s personal journey on how he arrived at where he is today.

How are you managing your online personal brand?

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