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Professional vs. Free Text TranslationsBad Translations Affect Advertising

I’ve been preparing translations for several years and I continue to be amazed by the number of organizations who use free, web-based text translators for professional translations in their business.  To demonstrate why professional, human translators are superior to free online text translators, I’ll show you the difference.

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Soul of a New Business

What is the soul of your business?

I created Contemporary Business Solutions because I saw a disconnect between the needs and wants of employees and employers.  Having been unemployed for the majority of 2009, I had the opportunity to learn about the unemployment situation firsthand.  Employees, for the most part, want full time jobs with benefits.  In this economic climate, employers can’t hire full time employees, but they have loads of work that needs to be done.  I was also seeing that many folks who were laid off were starting their own businesses.  They were frustrated because they couldn’t devote the time they wanted to their new business because they had to do all of the other “stuff” associated with running a business.  Unfortunately, they weren’t yet in a position to hire a permanent employee.

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How To: Google ReaderGoogle Reader

Many of you have heard of the “Google Reader”, but how many of you know what it is and are actually using it to save time in your busy day?

What is it?

According to Google, the Reader constantly checks your favorite sites and blogs for new content, whether they’re updated daily or monthly.  It shows you all of your favorite sites in one place utilizing RSS feeds.  The only way I can stay current on the 30 blogs I read is by using my Google Reader. Google Reader works on any mobile phone browser and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

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