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Working “on” the Business vs. Working “in” the Business

As a new business owner with newly acquired clients, I’ve begun thinking about time management. How much time does a business owner spend working “on” the business (marketing, branding, meeting with clients, drafting proposals, other meetings, networking) versus working “in” the business (doing the actual work you’ve contracted with a client to perform).

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The Go-Giver

51YSP1VGTGL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA115_Through a local Business Book Club last year, I read a life-changing book called “The Go-Giver”. I highly recommend this book. It’s premise applies to everyone in all facets and stages of their lives.

It’s a really quick read in a modern-day business parable format focusing on putting others first. Over the course of five days, a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial advisor, a real-estate broker and the mysterious “Connector” teach Joe, a fictitious young salesman, about the laws of value, compensation, influence, authenticity and receptivity-concepts while reflecting on the concept of “give, and you shall receive.”

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The Challenge of Perceptions

Perceptions are everywhere – the good, the bad and the ugly. They run rampant among job seekers/employers, freelancers/prospects, husbands/wives, children/parents. They help us understand the other party and to form an opinion, whether these perceptions are accurate or not.

It’s not until we truthfully engage with the other party that these perceptions gain some validity. And by truthfully engaging, I mean asking a lot of questions such as, “This is how I understand what you just said. Is this how you meant it?” This is the only way to understand where people are coming from. Communication is a finicky thing.

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