Book Review: Zag – The #1 Strategy of High-Performance Brands

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The Meyvn Group chose another great book for the Business Book Club!

In November, we read “Zag – The #1 Strategy of High Performance Brands” by Marty Neumeier.

This book focuses on how to “zag” when everyone else “zigs”. Everything begins with identifying the zag. That is, offering something that combines the qualities of both good and different to help you stand out in the crowd.

How to identify the zag? Neumeier provides a design process consisting of 17 checkpoints, each formulated as a question. He explains how to answer each of them correctly (i.e. an answer most appropriate to the given organization) by proceeding through these checkpoints, each of which evokes a question to be answered correctly.

This is a great process to go through whether you own an existing business and want to widen the differentiation gap between yourself and your competitors OR if you are thinking of starting a business and want to be sure that you’re the only one out there that provides what you want to provide.

In addition to the amazing content, my favorite pieces of the book: short, concise and great takeaways. If reading is difficult for you, the layout of this book really helps. It uses large print and the book isn’t too wide to help prevent your eyes from bouncing to other lines. Also, the last fifteen pages offer a quick recap or summary of the ideas covered in the book. Read the book and then use this summary as a refresh every six months. Another great element is that the author includes a dense list of background material he used for the book. He really did his homework and brought to Zag all he gleaned from these materials.

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