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How To: Google Alert

I came across a great blog post featured on Mashable called How To: Deal with Negative Feedback in Social Media.

But how do you know if there is negative feedback if you’re not using social media? If you’re hesitant to delve into Twitter or Facebook for your business, the bare minimum that you need to do is create a Google Alert.

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On the Similarities Between Job Interviewing and Prospect Meeting

When I started Contemporary Business Solutions in November 2009, I knew that I would be using the skills I had acquired while interviewing for jobs in the client-building process. It only recently dawned on me how vast the similarities really are. (Nod to Jeff Garrison and Sales Habitudes)

1. The preparation for both encounters

  • Research the Company
  • Learn everything I can about the person(s) conducting the interview on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the Internet in general.
  • Identify their need(s) and have solutions prepared if called upon to provide them

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What’s Your Perfect Number of Clients?

I recently had a freelance professional ask me the following question at a networking event:

“How many clients can you really have at one time before your level of attention to each of them begins to diminish?”

My first thought was, “You never want to turn away business, do you?” But at the same time, there are only so many hours in a day – that’s never going to change.

I also feel that if a freelance professional is in the beginning stages of their business, they need to work as hard as they can to create that “unpaid sales force”. You want as many people as possible to know what is that you do well enough so that they can talk about what you do to others. One way to do this is by networking AND creating value for as many clients as you can.

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