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Is Your Blog Post Consumable?

When you’re cooking something for dinner, you can definitely tell when you’ve forgotten to season it; whatever it is you’ve prepared, if it’s not tasting good, you’re not going to eat it. So, why do you ask your blog audience to read posts which you haven’t spiced up at all?

I’ve been using the word “consumable” quite a bit lately as it relates to blog posts written by the clients I’m coaching. As they write, I impress upon them the importance of making what they’re writing “taste good” so it can be easily digested.

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Where Did “Get It Done Girl” Come From?

Lately I’ve come to know a few people who are operating an extremely successful freelance business….but they don’t have a business. name I applaud them because they didn’t let the stress of arriving at the perfect business name hold them back from moving forward with their dream.

When I started my business last fall, I spent about a month brainstorming names until I landed on Contemporary Business Solutions. Did I love it? No. Did it represent my business well? Yes. I’ve created a current, contemporary solution to business’ needs by contracting my time when they have project that needs to be done. All too often small business owners feel that they need to hire staff when the workload picks up – that might not be the best solution. It’s extremely expensive to hire a permanent employee when you’re not positive that the upswing in business is going to last. That’s where I come in.

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What is Social Networking?

I recently presented to a networking group about how social media can help them grow their business. I told the group that they could jump right in with their questions as I wanted this presentation to be more of a conversation than a speech. Right off the bat, a gentleman asked me what social networking was. Below are some definitions:


Social Networking in Plain English:

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