Is Linkedin Premium Worth It?

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I’ve been asked this question a LOT lately, so I thought I’d share my opinion. There are really only three reasons why you should consider a Linkedin Premium account (which has within it, four levels including: Free, Business Plus, Executive and Pro):

Advanced Search

When you click on the “advanced” link to the right of the search box at the top of Linkedin, you have quite a few fields to use to search for individuals. There are eight fields available only to the different levels of paying members only (all eight fields are available only to the Executive and Pro Premium level members). Premium members with the Business or Business Plus level membership have access to “company size”, “seniority level”, “interested in” and “Fortune 1000”.

Premium members have the ability to save up to 7 searches (free members only can save 3 searches) with the additional bonus of 500 profiles showing up in the search results rather than the standard 100 that comes with free membership.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

This page includes a list of people who have recently viewed your profile. While free members can only see the last five people to have viewed their profile, Premium members get the full list of people from the last 90 days.

Also located on the Who’s Viewed Your Profile page for Premium members is a list of keywords that people have used to search when they viewed your profile. This can be extremely valuable; as it will tell you what keywords you are being found with most often.

The View by Industry area, also offered to Premium members, highlights the top industries of people who have viewed your profile. If one of the industries listed at the top is not one that you currently are marketing to, this may indicate a potential untapped market that you should consider prospecting.

Views by Geography can provide similar insight, as it will list the countries your profile is most viewed from. If it is appropriate for your business, you may wish to consider reaching out to people located in the top countries on your list to expand your market.


InMail is a message you send directly within LinkedIn to another member you are not already connected with. InMail has a much higher open rate compared to that of email, as well as a strong lead conversion rate of 7%. This improves your ability to talk to and connect directly with top decision-makers.

As a Premium member, you receive a number of free InMails each month (this number depends on which type of LinkedIn Premium membership you buy), you can accumulate your InMail credits from month to month (but they will expire after 90 days) and you can purchase up to 10 more InMails than your account type allows.

You can try Linkedin Premium for free for 30 days if you’d like.

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