Gmail’s New Inbox and Why You Should Care

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While the new Gmail inbox tabs aren’t “new”, I still find individuals experiencing issues receiving emails AND making sure that their emails are received.

This change affects everyone who uses Gmail as their email Client (for example, I have a copy of send to my Gmail account so I can read my email there versus reading my email via my website host’s webmail system). Most businesses use Outlook as their standard email Client, but you’d be surprised the number of organizations that have moved to Gmail while still maintaining their email address structure.

Here’s the scoop:

At the end of May, Gmail announced a new layout where email messages are automatically filtered into (at most) five different categories. One of the stock categories is “social”. Messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, gaming platforms, and other social websites including MailChimp (which a lot of organizations use to send their e-newsletters) are filed under this category.

HubSpot customers saw an average of 58.9% more email opens and 63% more unique email opens in June than May after the new feature was rolled out. On the other hand, MailChimp found that open rates decreased three weeks in a row after the new layout was launched … so it’s pretty much up in the air whether this new layout helps, hurts, or doesn’t affect email marketers at all.

To make sure that you’re receiving ALL of the emails you want to, be sure to check your tabs across the top often. You can also get rid of the tabs so all your emails are sent to your Inbox by opening Gmail, clicking the + icon to the right of your tabs. Choose to hide all tabs. Primary will stay checked, but you won’t see the tab above your inbox.

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