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How To: Permission Marketing

Last week I wrote about how Drip Marketing works. I got a lot of positive feedback from my readers, so I thought I’d continue in the educational vein with my post today. Drip marketing works because permission marketing exists.

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How to Suck at Facebook

The Oatmeal put together a GREAT post on How to Suck at Facebook – from your personal profile. Here’s a few tips on how to suck at your Business’ Facebook Fan Page:

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Who do I turn to?

This post is inspired by a post written by Mark True, Brand Warrior, entitled, “Don’t Buy Local if Local Sucks“. And I couldn’t agree more.

I live in Pleasant Hill it’s extremely convenient for me to get my oil changed at Wal-Mart in Altoona. Even though it’s convenient, all they do is change the oil. They don’t look at the tires and let me know that I’m due for a new set in the coming months; or that I have a tail light out. I know these are things that I can see for myself, but I just don’t. It’s an added benefit that I enjoy receiving when I take my car in to be serviced.

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