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Last week, I attended the Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Workshop presented by Register Media.


  • A popular phrase in the digital space is, “Content is King”. A spin on that phrase, “Optimized content is king; conversion is queen.”
  • Consumers now want 10 info spots, not the 4 or 5 info spots that sufficed 10 years ago. Info spot options: customized landing page, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, e-newsletter, newspaper advertisement, reviews, deals/offers, QR Code…
  • ZMOT = Zero Moment of Truth…this video says it all…who is helping you with your ZMOT?

  • The Full Value of Mobile: How They Got There

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reminder: don’t upload files to your website using a generic file name such as IMG0098.jpg. Rename the file using keywords and then upload
  • Add your contact information to your home page…AND keep it on your “Contact” page
  • Add “negative keywords” to your keyword campaign(s). Let’s say you’re an optometrist who sells glasses. You’d want to prevent your ad from showing to someone searching for or visiting webpages that contain terms like “wine glasses” and “drinking glasses,” since that person isn’t likely to buy a pair of your eyeglasses. Here’s how to build your negative keyword list.
  • Facebook Ads: Right Column, Newsfeed (I think this one is the best), Promoted Posts and Offers
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