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How did I get here?

I was working at a pretty steady job in West Des Moines supporting a group of international salesmen at a major international company. I knew there was some restructuring taking place and staff was being hired in the UK. What I didn’t know was that staff was being hired to replace me and a few of my colleagues. Better time zone, they said, in order to be able to service Asia and North America more easily. Great.

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Iowa Craft Beer Tour

After the success of the DSM Sushi Roll and the Iowa Wine Tour, many of you have asked for an Iowa Craft Beer Tour…and I’ve listened!

Microbreweries, breweries and brewpubs are a destination for craft beer enthusiasts. Fortunately for us here in Des Moines, we are home to some long-standing landmarks; others are newly established by independent craft brewers.

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How to Unplug for Two Weeks

And by unplug, I mean absolutely no phone or email. Believe me, it can be done.

For example, this post is scheduled for my first day of vacation, August 12th. Most of the work I do for my business and for my Clients can be scheduled, i.e. blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, e-newsletters, etc., which makes the continuity of content feasible. Here’s how I’m making this two week hiatus work:

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