10 Ways to Cleanly Skin a Cat

by "Get it Done Girl" on May 27, 2010 · 0 comments

in Free Agency

This post isn’t really about different ways to skin a cat without getting your hands dirty – what it IS about is virality.

A post with this title could be a metaphor for the approach you take to professionally dealing with a difficult client. It could also be a metaphor for diffusing a sticky situation with a group of volunteers. Whatever the REAL storyline is, you’re going to get more clicks if you use a stickier title

Blogs titles/headlines are clicked on and shared more (especially on Twitter) if they have a few characteristics:viralmarketing

  • The headline is catchy and has less than 120 characters
  • Numbers or lists are used in the headline
  • Keywords and unexpected words are used

How do you grab people’s attention when information is flying by them at a million miles per second?

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