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It’s Impossible to Know Everything

Where do I turn to when I have a question or don’t know how to do something? My situation may be unique since I am independent professional. Perhaps you work in an office environment where you can stick your head over your cubical wall and ask your neighbor. This is what I do:

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Is There a 5-Second Rule Online?

While making a yummy afternoon snack, I dropped some of my food on the floor. “Five-second rule”, right? Everybody’s heard of it. If you pick up the piece of food within five seconds, it doesn’t matter that it was on the ground. It couldn’t have gotten THAT dirty, right? Imagine how much food went to waste before this rule!

Do your social media activities have a five-second rule?

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Book Review: The Now Revolution

I had the opportunity to hear Jay Baer speak – TWICE – when he was in Des Moines this past March at the Downtown Central Library. The cost of the luncheon meeting included a copy of his book The Now Revolution which he co-authored with Amber Naslund.

The Now Revolution talks about how the social web has changed the way we do business – forever…

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