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DSM Sushi Roll

Last year, my sister-in-law and I decided to rent a party bus to take us to five different sushi restaurants in Des Moines. It was a small group of us since we wanted to know everyone on the bus and keep it to just friends. It turned out to be a GREAT time!

This year, I’ve brought the event under my business in order to build out the digital marketing collateral and give this event some street cred. The website and Facebook Fan page have grown over the last several months as has the e-newsletter

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Spring 2013 Community Bus Tour

Last Fall, I went on the Polk County Housing Trust Fund’s (PCHTF) bus tour through Des Moines’ Urban Core and it completely opened my eyes to the housing challenges of our community. Even though I live in Pleasant Hill (aka, The Upper East Side), what happens in Des Moines’ Urban Core affects all of us that live nearby.

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund organizes three bus tours per year and they’re different every time. April 2013’s bus tour took place during Affordable Housing Week and was sponsored by DART. PCHTF and DART’s mission is to help educate community leaders about the relationship between quality public transit and affordable housing.

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Feedly: My new Google Reader

In case this earth-shattering news hasn’t landed on your doorstep yet, as of July 1, 2013, Google will be shutting down their product called the Google Reader.

For those unfamiliar, Google Reader is an aggregator of RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and by using a feed aggregator you can view every post made on a website without going to the actual website itself. In this way, users can follow the updates of hundreds of sites at once.

It’s how I read the Internet.

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