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Shout Out to My Mentors

Whether they know it or not, there are a few people who have come out of the woodwork over the past year to mentor me both during my job search and in my career transition.avatar5_bigger

I met Ben Stone during the summer of 2009 when I was deep in the grips of being unemployed. Ben is a “recovering HR recruiter” who has helped me with technical issues and offered up website development tips and tricks. He also gives back to the community on a continuous basis.

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What your Twitter Account Stats Really Say

Many people brag about how many Twitter Followers they have. The more Followers you have, the better, right? I say – WRONG! The same goes for those you are Following.

I manage a few Twitter accounts and every month I use Manage Twitter to “unfollow” Twitter Followers who haven’t posted an update in over a month. To me, this is an indication that they aren’t using Twitter anymore. If they’re not engaging with the community, I don’t want to have them be part of my statistics. This allows me to follow additional people without disrupting my Followers/Following ratio too much.

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I almost fell off the Blogwagon!

When I started this blog for my business, my goal was to write one original post a week (inspired by The Brand Chef who has written, on average, one post/week for around 7 years) and then possibly graduate to two over time and then possibly three. I’m finally sitting down to write my weekly post and it’s “after hours” on a Friday night! How did this happen?

I have a reminder set up in Outlook to pop up on Sundays which gets me thinking about writing my post for the week. I don’t “dismiss” the reminder until it’s done. For some reason, this week, there were other things that needed to get done before blogging. This is a clear message that I need to SCHEDULE an hour each week to blog because it is THAT IMPORTANT.

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